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Frequently Asked Questions

For ginlo Business users

You’ll receive an email from your administrator inviting you to join ginlo Business. Simply follow the instructions in it.

You can add another smartphone, a desktop computer or a browser-based app, up to a maximum of 10 devices.

The first step is to download the app to the new device. Then start the set-up process.

Make sure you select “I already have an account” and log on using your ginlo ID.

Then, on your main device, go to ginlo Preferences → Devices → Add device.
Enter the code shown into your second device, confirm on the first device and wait for the devices to synch.

The synching process can take some time, depending on the amount of data to transfer. Please be patient and wait for it to complete.

Read the step-by-step instructions at

The maximum file size is limited to 100 MB.


The device password is a central factor in protecting your data; it should be as complex as possible and should be required every time you start the app. For maximum security, device passwords are not stored on ginlo’s servers. If you forget your password, you can request a recovery code to unlock the app. To request a recovery code, click on “Password forgotten” in the start-up window and choose how you want to receive the code (text message or email). The app on your device will send a Password Recovery Token to our server, which then generates a unique code. As soon as you’ve unlocked the app using the code, you can set a new password.

Please note:
If your account has an administrator, the administrator must allow the recovery code to be sent to you.

Communicating between the two groups is no problem. For example, school teachers using ginlo Business can communicate directly with their students and parents of their students who have ginlo Private.

If the group is created on a device, there is no problem.

For Administrators

In the Users tab, click on Create user data and a window will open asking for first name, surname, email address and/or mobile number. Optionally you can add the user’s department. This information is visible in the user’s profile.

The user has been invited to join ginlo and has already been assigned a licence.
The user has not accepted the invitation yet.

Log into ginlo Cockpit and click on “Licences” on the left.
On the top right, you’ll see a button “Order new licence”.

When you’ve logged into ginlo Cockpit, click on “Settings” on the top right.
Next to your own details, you’ll see a field for creating a Representative.
Enter the details requested and click on the “Create a new representative” button at the bottom right.

For ginlo Private users

Go to your ginlo Preferences → Chats → Backup (at the bottom of the page). Then select “Create backup now” and follow the instructions.

You can change the sounds made by a message arriving in your smartphone’s settings.

Android devices:
Go to Settings, and then to Apps.
Select the ginlo app.
Go to Notifications and select your preferences.

iOS devices:
Go to Settings and then to Notifications.
Select the ginlo App.
Now you can select various preferences.

When you’re in the chat, on an

– Android device, hit the “+” and then either select Audio call or Video call

– iPhone, hit the phone icon at the top of the screen and then either Make audio call or Make video call

ginlo needs picture-in-picture (PiP) for AVC; that function is only available on devices running Android 8 and later, or iOS 11 and later.

Yes. ginlo Private currently supports up to three devices per account.

At the moment, only ginlo Business users have access to desktop versions running under Windows, Mac OS and Debian Linux.

Go to ginlo Contacts on your smartphone and you’ll find 3 dots at the top left. Touch them and a menu opens. Now you can synch your contacts.

Please note:
For security reasons, ginlo does not synch automatically!

ginlo encrypts all your contacts right on your device and compares them with data encrypted on other users’ devices when you try to synch. If there is a match, the contact will appear in ginlo Contacts.

Please note:
This is why ginlo Contacts on your device can only synch with other ginlo users.
But you can add a contact manually at any time and send them an invitation to join ginlo.

If you forget your ginlo password, try to log in with any password. You’ll be given the option to click on “Password forgotten.” Click on it and follow the instructions.
If you created a back-up, you can open it, set a new password and continue to use your account.
If you didn’t create a back-up, you’ll have to set up a new account. All your account data (content, contacts) will be overwritten, meaning you’ll lose it.

Please note:
Your login details are also encrypted in the back-up. So you can see that backing up your data regularly is a smart idea!

Tap and hold the picture you want to save.

Use the “+” at the top right to save the picture to your gallery.

Use the arrow at the bottom left and go to “More”. Various options for saving or editing the picture appear.

You’ll find all the files in ginlo Files in ginlo Settings, and you can edit them there as well.

Go to ginlo Settings and you’ll find Media auto download. You can select how to download any files you receive.

In your ginlo Profile, at the bottom you’ll find a button Delete account. You’ll need to enter your password to confirm you really want to delete your account.

Only use this option if you’re absolutely certain you don’t want to use ginlo any more. This function can’t be undone! If you confirm Delete account, your account and all its content are gone forever!

Security & data protection

Of course. All your messages, meaning texts, images, documents and videos, are encrypted on your device, as are your profile photo and your status. And the content is all so encrypted that even we as the service provider can’t access it.

Your messages are always encrypted – on your device and on our servers. The encryption key is on your device and nowhere else – unless you have an iPhone and have created a back-up in iCloud, in which case the key is also in iCloud. There, it’s protected by the password you set. That means that neither Apple nor ginlo can access your key. And that means that we can’t decrypt your messages.

So, if we are legally forced to hand over your ginlo content, all we can hand over is encrypted messages.

A back-up is a copy of your ginlo chats, files and contacts. The copy is stored in encrypted form outside the app itself, so when you get a new smartphone, you can import the back-up and restore your content.


– You can only import the back-up onto a smartphone running the same operating system. In other words, from one iPhone to another iPhone, or Android phone to Android phone.

– Depending on how old your last back-up is, you might lose some content. But not as much as if you had no back-up at all. 🙂

How to create a back-up:

1. Touch Settings > Chats > Create back-up and follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Set a back-up password. This means that your back-up is encrypted before it is saved to Apple iCloud (on an iPhone) or saved locally on your device (on an Android smartphone).

3. Android only: save a copy of your back-up on another device e.g. your computer, and make sure you update it regularly. Then you’ll always have a copy of your back-up even if your phone gets lost or stolen.

How to import you back-up onto a new phone.

1. Android only: copy your back-up onto your new phone.

2. Log into the app using the mobile phone number you registered.

3. Enter your back-up password to import the back-up into the app.

Yes, your back-ups are encrypted on your device (if your phone runs Android) and in iCloud (if you’re an iPhone user), so your data is protectedn from unauthorized access.

ginlo doesn’t protect just your text messages – all the photos, videos and other attachments in your chats are also encrypted. That means they can’t appear automatically in your gallery. Until you download the files in an unencrypted form, they can only be opened within the secure environment of ginlo.

And there’s something else important: if you take a photo from inside a ginlo chat, the photo will also be saved in ginlo and won’t be added to your gallery automatically.

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