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Take safe communication to the next level with ginlo Business

The perfect alternative to e-mail within your organisation

Using e-mail within your organisation comes with many disadvantages. Switching to ginlo Business reduces the risk of spam and malware.

Audio and video conferences at the touch of a button

Any chat can be live and in full colour, and with outstanding image and sound quality, screen-sharing and more.

Increase the security of your external communication

Suppliers and customers can be integrated into your secure communications at no additional cost.

Go beyond end-to-end encryption with our secure data vault

Whether it's on our servers or on multiple end devices, your data is always fully encrypted.

Change of staff? Device lost or stolen? Not a problem

User accounts can be deleted in seconds, ruling out the risk of unauthorised access

Stress-free team management

Overview of all devices and user licences at any time. Supports AD/LDAP and MDM solutions.

Made and hosted in Germany is based in Munich, Germany. Our applications are operated exclusively in certified data processing centres inside Germany – in full compliance with BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) and GDPR requirements, of course.

The simple and efficient way to share information with your team

A project’s success often depends on sharing information rapidly and making decisions quickly. That’s difficult when team members are spread across multiple locations and need to be up to date. ginlo Business makes communication easier and accelerates the flow of information, cutting costs.

Communicate directly with clients, patients and citizens – all in compliance with data protection regulations

Digital communication is a part of life today. But communicating digitally with clients, patients and the public is a real challenge for many organisations. ginlo Business is the simple solution – whether you’re sending price estimates, discussing lab results or making announcements to the public. And your contacts don’t pay a cent!

All the features you need

Communicate in individual or group chats, in writing or in person via video conference; use channels for sharing information across your company. Send documents, photos, videos, voice messages and locations. Answer specific messages with a scheduled message and mark it as urgent. Make use of security features, such as a QR code to confirm a contact’s identity.

The most secure alternative to e-mail

Sending a message via e-mail is about as secure as sending it on a postcard. Anyone can read it at any time. Use ginlo Business as your main communications platform and you protect your company’s information against unauthorised access – while it’s in transit and when it’s saved on an end device. Even ginlo as a provider doesn’t have any way of accessing your messages.

Communicate in real time

Modern and direct staff communication means being able to interact with them in and out of the office, in real time via chat. From the bookkeeping department to personnel out in the field – use channels to keep everybody in the loop about important dates, events, or even just what’s for lunch in the canteen.

ginlo’s features at a glance

Send texts, voice messages, photos, videos, locations, contact details and documents

Hold audio and video conferences

Export chats, documents and files when needed

Answer specific messages, mark them as urgent and reply with a scheduled message

Send auto-deleting (photo, audio and video) messages

Verify a contact’s identity using QR codes

Use on up to 10 devices at the same time – mobile & desktop

Manage all users from ginlo’s Management Cockpit

Fully encrypted and GDPR-compliant

Administration made simple with the Management Cockpit

Rolling out ginlo Business across your company is quick and straightforward thanks to the ginlo Management Cockpit admin tool – and you don’t need to be an IT expert. You can also change settings to match your corporate design and compliance specifications with just a few clicks.

The perfect communication solution for every situation


Made in Germany
Voice chats
Video chats
Use on up to 10 devices (with synchro-nised content)
Administration & user management in Management Cockpit
Enterprise capable
Create automated out of office replies
Age restrictions
Send texts, files, photos, videos, voice messages and locations in individual or group chats
Link to other users without revealing mobile phone number – use ginlo ID instead
Communicate between ginlo Business and ginlo Private
Send auto-deleting messages
Send scheduled messages
Answer specific messages
Mark messages as urgent
End-user content channels
Announcement channels
Servers located in Germany with ISO 27001 certification based on IT-Grundschutz (BSI)
Web Messenger in all popular browsers on your desktop
Full encryption: end-to-end encryption plus encryption of files saved locally on end devices and on ginlo servers
Regular security audits
Privacy & confidentiality
Not dependent on ad revenue

ginlo Business

ginlo Private

The communication solution for every organisation

For companies

You’re looking for ways to communicate quickly and effectively within the company, you want to reduce the risk of introducing malware into your systems and want to be sure that inside information stays inside – even when employees leave or devices are lost or stolen.

For medical practices and law firms

You need to exchange highly sensitive data internally, of course, but you also need to ensure secure, confidential contact with your patients and clients – in writing and increasingly via live video.

For government and local authorities

You work across a range of teams. It’s got to be quick and simple – sometimes via video link for that all-important face-to-face discussion. And of course the solution you use has to be cost-effective and enable secure contact with your people outside the office as standard.

For schools, colleges and universities

In schools, colleges and universities, data privacy must have top priority. But communication has to be quick, modern and easy to understand so that teachers and educators can communicate effectively with each other and with parents.

For churches, social organisations and clubs

Your ideal solution is secure, cost-efficient and simple to operate. What’s more, it also allows you to involve the congregation, club, staff and other partners.

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Android devices

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(Version 5.0 and later)

Desktop client

ginlo Business for Windows, MacOS and Linux

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More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

Sign up for our 30-day free trial!

More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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