The messenger service for everything worth protecting
When it comes to internal and external communication, your organisation is in safe hands
The messenger service for everything worth protecting
Whether friends, patients or clients – this is how confidentiality works today
The messenger service for everything worth protecting
Easy to use – 100% family protection

Don’t compromise when it comes to
protecting your data

Only with ginlo

ginlo makes staying in touch easier and safer than ever. With employees, clients, patients, students, and more

Servers located in Germany

GDPR-compliant, fully encrypted data security – even if your device is lost or stolen

ginlo’s Management Cockpit increases security

Central user management, stronger protection against malware

The right messenger for every application

When it comes to protecting your privacy and confidential information, we have the right solution for every application in the form of ginlo Business and ginlo Private.

At GmbH in Munich, we’re governed by German legislation. Your data are always fully encrypted and hosted exclusively on servers located in Germany, in compliance with GDPR regulations.


Messaging for team players

Secure internal and external communication

Bring your business communication together in one place and take the security of your digital communication to the next level with ginlo Business Messenger – the ideal solution for your business, congregation, medical practice, school or childcare centre.

Manage everything from one hub thanks to ginlo’s Management Cockpit

The Management Cockpit enables you to set up ginlo Business quickly and efficiently. Our automated installation process means that the system can be rolled out within your organisation in just a few minutes. Introducing a new tool really couldn’t be simpler. Manage users and licences, and define your own security settings to meet your needs.

Simple. Intuitive. Ready to go.

ginlo is clear and easy to use, it’s secure and completely encrypted.
No special skills needed, anyone can use it – leaving you free to focus on what’s important.

No tracking. No profiling. No ads.

ginlo doesn’t rely on advertising revenue. One of our greatest strengths is that we can use part of the income from ginlo Business to develop and run ginlo Private, keeping our user experience free from intrusive ads.

GDPR-compliant communication

Security is our top priority. That’s why we use cutting-edge encryption methods to ensure that any data or information that you send via ginlo Business remains yours, and yours alone. Developed and operated in Germany, ginlo Business meets the highest demands for data protection and security.

Confidential. Encrypted. Secure.

ginlo uses strong algorithms to protect your privacy and the data stored on your devices. As a provider, we have no access to your data – and we want to keep it that way.

Practical. Versatile.

ginlo offers everything you need to communicate digitally: share videos, photos, voice messages, locations and files in any format; send self-deleting or scheduled messages; subscribe to content channels and much more. Seamless audiovisual communication is included as standard.

The communication solution for every organisation

For companies

You’re looking for ways to communicate quickly and effectively within the company, you want to reduce the risk of introducing malware into your systems and want to be sure that inside information stays inside – even when employees leave or devices are lost or stolen.

For medical practices and law firms

You need to exchange highly sensitive data internally, of course, but you also need to ensure secure, confidential contact with your patients and clients – in writing and increasingly via live video.

For government and local authorities

You work across a range of teams. It’s got to be quick and simple – sometimes via video link for that all-important face-to-face discussion. And of course the solution you use has to be cost-effective and enable secure contact with your people in the field as standard.

For educational facilities

In educational facilities, data privacy must have a top priority. But communication has to be quick, modern and easy to understand so that teachers and educators can communicate with each other and with parents.

For churches, social organisations and clubs

Your ideal solution is secure, cost-efficient and simple to operate. What’s more, it also allows you to involve local organisations, freelancers and citizens.

Secure messaging in real time

Share videos, photos, voice messages & locations

Audio and video calls

Send all types of files (PDF, PPTX, MP3, DOCX, ZIP etc.)

Send self-deleting messages

Send scheduled messages

Communicate with ginlo Business contacts

Subscribe to content channels

Communicate anonymously using your ginlo ID

Verify a contact’s identity by scanning their QR code

Unlock ginlo using Touch ID

Display your online status (optional)

Why organisations choose ginlo

Care services

For staff outside the office, conversations and video chats with patients – including the exchange of data this requires – is quicker, easier and more cost-effective, while still conforming with data protection regulations and keeping administrative staff in the loop.

Local government offices

An important example of how ginlo can be used is for contact between the authorities and asylum seekers. It can be used to answer general questions, provide information on authorities, and arrange applications and appointments – confidentially and in compliance with GDPR.

Youth welfare organisations

In their day-to-day work with children, young people and families, youth welfare organisations deal with particularly sensitive information. In addition to functions like video chat, our confidential messenger offers secure data transfer as standard – for a price that organisations can afford.


A digital solution for medical practitioners offers improved accessibility to doctors, video appointments for initial assessments, increased efficiency when prioritising patients and planning appointments, reduced waiting times and shorter turnaround times for medical certificates and documentation – all while meeting data protection requirements.

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More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

Sign up for our 30-day free trial!

More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

Finally, a messenger for everyone.

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More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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More information on how we use your data and on your rights as a data subject can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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