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ginlo, the messenger for private and confidential communication. Your WhatsApp alternative.
Made in Germany.

Your benefits at a glance


Intuitive to use, without prior knowledge or technical know-how.


We encrypt all your data with the strongest algorithms. Not just during transport (end-to-end), but also on the local devices. And thanks to this full encryption, we as the provider have no access at all.

Made & hosted in Germany

Based in Munich, we offer you high-quality products for digital communication. Your encrypted data is exclusively hosted on German servers.


We act under German legislation and comply with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

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ginlo isn’t another ad-based service. We rely on a traditional business model that ensures the privacy of your data through a small monthly contribution.



We at ginlo aren’t like those abstract corporations that are located everywhere and nowhere. We’re an authentic Munich company with an international team of 23 nationalities. Available for you at any time.

The products at a glance

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For private users
For companies, authorities, church institutions, and schools
Messaging with useful extras

Communicate between the business version and the version for private users
Made in Germany
Hosting in Germany with ISO 27001 certificate on the basis of IT-Grundschutz (German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI)
Full encryption:
transport encryption (end-to-end) plus encryption of local data on the device and the ginlo servers
Full data protection (GDPR & provider shielding)

Connect with other users without revealing your mobile number

Via ginlo ID

Via ginlo ID
Sync between up to 10 devices
Use ginlo Web Messenger (desktop) in all common browsers
Administration & user management in ginlo Management Cockpit
(EMM, MDM, LDAP etc.)
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SIMSme becomes ginlo

After the acquisition of the SIMSme app in March 2019 (learn more here in German), the SIMSme brand is now transferred to the ginlo brand family. During the last few months, we’ve been working with full force to combine expertise and technologies to provide you with a strong product made in Germany, as an alternative to US-based services. Everything SIMSme users need to know

Why the name ginlo?
Information security always comes along with encryption technologies. In cryptography, scrambling of characters in a text is known as transposition ("anagram"). ginlo thus becomes ... drum roll ... login. Since with ginlo, you log in securely, and yet you will find yourself in the world of private data and communication. Without losing control over your data. Always protected against unauthorized access. Pure privacy.

Image - SIMSme becomes ginlo

Latest news about ginlo

Business Messenger ginlo Renk

New business messaging solution at Renk

Renk AG, a supplier of drive technology, now uses Brabbler AG’s business messenger “ginlo @work” for internal communication on desktop PCs and mobile devices.
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Brabbler Studie WhatsApp

Brabbler survey: Careless use of WhatsApp and the likes at work

WhatsApp can be found on the business smartphone of almost every second employee in Germany – although almost half of these users are aware of the privacy risks for their employer.
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WhatsApp Werbung

WhatsApp: “Nobody has the intention of placing ads”

Brabbler AG considers the announced advertisements on WhatsApp as yet another wake-up call for users. Supposedly ad-free communication services can’t be trusted.
External Link Icon Read more at (in German)

For this and other news and press clippings about ginlo and Brabbler AG, please visit our pressroom.

Protect your data.
We’re here to help you.

In the age of digital interconnectivity, data has become a new currency.
Private users pay with their privacy for the “free” apps of US-based corporations. Companies, on the other hand, are a constant target of cyber attacks and industrial espionage. All this makes it more important than ever to regain control over sensitive personal and business data.

That’s why it is our heartfelt goal to make online privacy and confidentiality come true. We, the founders of GMX, have started up Brabbler AG together with dedicated Internet visionaries and software specialists. With ginlo, we want to provide a real alternative. A secure communication platform at a fair price. For you, for our families and friends, for companies, for everyone.
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