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ginlo supports one of the following device languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

You can use the ginlo on iPhones with iOS 11 or above or Android smartphones with Android 5 or above.

Multiple devices:

We're sorry, but we don't support the use of multiple devices yet.

Important: Logging in on a second device will overwrite your original account. In this case, all your existing chats, files, and contacts will be lost.


We’re not officially supporting tablet devices at the moment. You’re welcome to give it a spin (and in many cases, this will work fine), but unfortunately, we won’t be able to take care of bugs you come across.

Important: You cannot use your tablet as a second device, e.g. together with a smartphone. This will overwrite your original account. In this case, all your existing chats, files, and contacts will be lost.

A current operating system is needed so ginlo and all its functions can run smoothly. In addition, however, the operating system also plays an important role for your online security. Older versions often contain serious flaws because manufacturers no longer provide security updates. This makes it easy for hackers to launch targeted attacks.

In other words, a current operating system is also in your interest to stay up to date security-wise.

This is most probably because contacts are currently not yet synced automatically in iOS. You can, however, sync your contacts in your address book manually. Please bear with us – in later versions, we'll provide you with a more convenient solution.

To sync your address book in iOS:

  1. Tap your profile photo, then tap Contacts.

  2. Tap the down arrow in the top right, then tap Sync Address Book.

Easy as pie: Just go to your smartphone's settings and give ginlo access.

This is how it works in iOS:

  1. Open your iPhone's Settings and select Privacy.

  2. Tap Contacts and give ginlo access.

And this is how it works in Android:

  1. Open your smartphone's Settings and select Apps.

  2. Search for ginlo and tap it.

  3. Depending on your device model, you'll find the Permissions section right there or in a submenu. Open it and enable Contacts.

Don't want your message to be overlooked in the chat? No problem: Mark it as important when sending.

To mark a message as important:

  1. Type your message in the corresponding chat.

  2. Tap to the top right of the message field.

  3. Tap to mark the message as important, then tap .

And that's already it. :-) Your message is visually highlighted in the push notification and the chat history.

You have one or more chats that you'd like to save or forward outside the app? Then you can use the export feature. But please keep in mind: You can't import exported chats into ginlo again. To restore them later on the current or a new device, please create a backup.

To export a chat:

  1. In Android: In your chats overview, long-press the chat you want to export.

  2. In iOS: In your chats overview, swipe the corresponding chat to the left and tap More.

  3. Tap Export Chat.

  4. Choose which app you want to use to save the chat or forward it as text file.

  5. If asked, confirm that you want to export your chat data. Done. :-)

That's us – Brabbler AG in Munich. We’re dedicated Internet visionaries and developers from about 20 countries. It’s our heartfelt goal to make online privacy and confidentiality come true. For you. For our family and friends. For everyone. Learn more about us on the Brabbler AG website.

From time to time, wild speculations and associations with an alcoholic drink come our way. ;-) But since we are completely dedicated to cryptography, the name "ginlo" has its origin exactly there:

Because basic forms of encryption are as simple as switching letters. And so ginlo becomes ... drum roll ... login.

ginlo isn’t another ad-based service. With ginlo for private users, we rely on a traditional subscription model and finance the messenger for private communication via the ginlo Business app, the secure messenger for companies.

You've got questions or want to give us feedback? Just get in touch with us. The ginlo Customer Care team is looking forward to your e-mail to Or contact us via our website form.

ginlo is exclusively meant for private users to communicate securely with their friends and family. But we still have something up our sleeve: ginlo Business – the messenger for secure communication with colleagues and partners. Try it out right now:

And the best thing is: You as a ginlo user can chat with users of ginlo Business as well.


Yes, of course. All your messages, i.e. text messages, images, documents, and videos, as well as your profile photo and status are encrypted on your device. And thanks to this full encryption, we as the provider have no access at all.

Your messages are always encrypted – both on your device and on our server. The key to your messages is only stored on your device. If you have an iPhone and create a backup, the key is also stored in iCloud, but protected with a password you choose. This means that neither Apple nor we as the provider can access your key. And thus, we can’t access your messages in plain text.

So, in case we're required by law to disclose your ginlo content, all we can provide are your encrypted messages.

A backup is a copy of your ginlo chats, files, and contacts stored encrypted outside the app. If you switch to a new smartphone, you can import the backup there to restore your content.


  • You can only import the backup to a smartphone with the same operating system as the smartphone on which you've created the backup, i.e. from iPhone to iPhone or from Android to Android device.

  • Depending on how old your last backup is, you may still lose data, but not as much as if you had not taken this precaution. :-)

To create a backup:

  1. Go to Settings > Chats > Backup and follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. Define a backup password. It is used to encrypt your backup before it is uploaded to Apple iCloud (on an iPhone) or saved to your local device (on an Android smartphone).

  3. Android only: Copy your backup somewhere outside your smartphone, e.g. to your computer. We recommend you do this on a regular basis to always have a recent backup available, e.g. in case you lose your smartphone.

To import a backup to a new device:

  1. Android only: Copy your backup to your new device.

  2. Log in to the app with your registered mobile number.

  3. Enter your backup password to import your backup.

Want more detailed information? Then please download our Backup Guide that takes you through the process step by step.

Yes, your backups are encrypted both on your device (if you have an Android smartphone) and in iCloud (if you have an iPhone). This way, they're protected against unauthorized access.

No, we don't pass on personal data to third parties at any time. With ginlo you can receive content from your favorite magazines or blogs directly in ginlo instead of subscribing to their e-mail newsletters. The content channel partners distribute this content in ginlo (via RSS feed).