Just Communicate.

Confidential. Private. Without side effects.

Our Vision

"A digital world where privacy and confidentiality have become reality."

For companies

Efficient team communication with full data security.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fully encrypted, far beyond “end-to-end”
  • Full data sovereignty for your company
  • No shadow IT thanks to digital communication tools that are under control
  • Compliant with European data protection regulations and GDPR requirements
  • Made & hosted in Germany

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For private users

Limitless communication without side effects

With ginlo, you reconquer your privacy and benefit from the opportunities of digital communication more than ever.

The public beta phase of ginlo has ended. We say a biiiig thank you to all dedicated beta testers for their support and valuable feedback.

Now, we prepare the official market launch of ginlo for private customers, so that you can use ginlo again in the future for secure communication with your family and friends. Simply private. ;-)
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P.S.: Why the name ginlo?

Information security always comes along with encryption technologies. In cryptography, scrambling of characters in a text is known as transposition ("anagram"). ginlo thus becomes ... drum roll ... login.  Since with ginlo, you log in securely, and yet you will find yourself in the world of private data and communication.

Without losing control over your data. Always protected against unauthorized access. Pure privacy.

Who stands behind ginlo?

We, the founders of GMX (Karsten Schramm, Peter Köhnkow, Eric Dolatre) and Jörg Sellmann, have started up Brabbler AG.

Together with dedicated Internet visionaries and developers from 23 countries, we share the heartfelt vision of making online privacy and confidentiality come true. For you, for our families and friends, for everyone.

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