Whitepaper - Brabbler AG Security Concept

About this document

We at Brabbler AG share the vision of a digital world where privacy and confidentiality have become reality. Where organizations can harness modern ways of working without giving up control of their data. Thus, protecting the data that our clients and users entrust to us is our top priority. This focus on security is reflected, of course, in our products, but also in the efforts we’ve taken – and will continue to expand – as a company on the technical and organizational levels.

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Contents of this Whitepaper

  • About this document
  • Organizational security
    • Our security team
    • Trainings
    • Physical security
  • Development
    • Security assessments
    • Internal reviews and audits
    • External penetration tests
    • External development
    • Academic cooperation
  • Infrastructure
    • Workplace security
    • Hosting
    • Network security
    • Monitoring and logging
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Product design
    • Security by design
    • Privacy by design
  • Memberships
  • Contact
  • References

Download full Whitepaper (PDF) 181.9 KB