Whitepaper – Security in ginlo @work

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Management summary

ginlo @work is a collaboration platform for businesses that put data confidentiality first. Fully encrypted and hosted exclusively in Germany, it allows organizations to securely harness modern ways of working across departments and borders: ginlo @work can be used on any device to securely communicate, work on projects, and share data with other employees, partners, and customers, while keeping the company in control of the data.

This Whitepaper describes the security controls implemented in ginlo @work to keep customers’ data secure. The focus lies on ginlo @work’s innovative encryption concept with the following main benefits for organizations:

Full encryption, beyond end-to-end

ginlo @work relies on full encryption of all content at any time. Unlike many other solutions, it not only uses end-to-end encryption when sending messages, but also encrypts all content stored locally on the device.

Data ownership is with the company

We believe that companies should be able to have full sovereignty over all the content that circulates in their organizations. That is why, unlike most other encrypted business collaboration platforms, ginlo @work allows administrators to gain access to users’ message encryption keys, e.g. for auditing purposes or to restore content after the loss of a device.

Provider shielding

Brabbler AG as the provider of ginlo @work never gains access to the encryption keys used in your organization. Unencrypted keys are only present on locally installed clients.

Download full Whitepaper (PDF) 0 bytes