Whitepaper - Privacy in ginlo @work

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About this document

This Whitepaper describes which data and metadata Brabbler AG (as the operator of ginlo @work) collects and stores about the customers and individual users of the ginlo @work solution, and why this information is needed. For more information about how Brabbler AG uses encryption and other protective measures to keep user data secure, please refer to the ginlo @work Security Whitepaper.


  • Team data
    • Team account registration
    • Billing
    • Team account termination
  • User data
    • User account registration
    • Optional user account data
    • Team membership
    • Conversations
    • User deletion
  • Device data
  • Connection data
  • Application data
  • Visitor Traffic data
  • Contact
  • References

Download full Whitepaper (PDF) 0 bytes