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Hardly a week goes by without new privacy violations being revealed. Here, you'll find the latest news on topics such as privacy, data misuse, and surveillance that we believe are worth taking the time to read. #encryptionhelps

620 million accounts stolen from popular websites

12 Feb 2019 - A new report revealed that cyber criminals have placed 620 million online account details from 16  hacked websites up for sale on the dark web. The list includes popular websites such as MyFitnessPal, My Heritage, Dubsmash, Sharethis, and Animoto. Are you affected?
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Image - Screen Recording

Popular apps secretly record your screen

07 Feb 2019 - ♫ Every tap you make. Every step you take, ... I'll be watching you. iPhone apps like, Expedia, and Hollister record your smartphone screen without asking for permission.
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WhatsApp will soon show ads

01 Nov 2018 - It's time for Zuckerberg & Co. to monetize WhatsApp - their free messenger service and one of the most widely used ones. How exactly? Soon, Facebook wants to show ads which will pop up in your WhatsApp status.
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If offline supermarkets watched you as closely as Google

If "offline" supermarkets watched you as closely as Google

23 Aug 2018 - Silicon Valley earns a lot of money from monitoring what we do online. To earn even more money, they want to watch what we do especially offline, so they plan to transform any physical space into a data mine. Here's how they try to dig deeper and gain more insights into who we are. #surveillance
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Facebook reads Messenger chats

Facebook reads Messenger chats

04 May 2018 - Private conversations on Facebook Messenger? Forget it. Facebook checks all messages sent through the Messenger, analyzes links and images, and can even intervene. #deletefacebook
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The house that spied on me

The house that spied on me - an experiment

02 Jul 18 - Kashmir Hill made her home smart to find out wether it would betray her. She connected as many things as she could to the internet, for example an Amazon Echo, her lights, a coffee maker, some kid’s toys, her TV, a sex toy, and even her bed. An eye-opener into the Internet of Things, about how it threatens our privacy and the bothersome character of a smart home. #bigbrother
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