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ginlo, for the most valuable in your life.

ginlo benefits at a glance

Easy to use

ginlo is clean, completely encrypted, and safe. Technical know-how isn’t necessary at all.

Useful features

ginlo offers everything what the digital communication ❤︎ desires: share videos, images, voice messages, locations, and files of any format, send self-destructed or scheduled messages, subscribe to content channels, and much more.

We’re here to support you

Questions or feedback? Just get in touch with us. The ginlo Customer Care team is looking forward to your e-mail to

No tracking. No profiling. No ads.

ginlo isn’t another ad-based service. With ginlo for private users, we rely on a traditional business model and finance it via the ginlo Business app, the secure messenger for companies.

Encrypted. Secure. Private.

ginlo protects your privacy and encrypts all your data with the strongest algorithms. Not just during transport (end-to-end), but also on the local devices. And thanks to this full encryption, we as the provider have no access at all.

Made & Hosted in Germany

We, GmbH, are based in Munich and thus act under German legislation. Your encrypted data is exclusively hosted on German serversGDPR-compliant.

ginlo features at a glance

Secure real-time messaging

One-to-one and group chats

Audio and video calls (May 2020)

Share videos, images, voice messages, and locations

Send files of any format (PDF, PPTX, MP3, DOCX, ZIP, etc.)

Send messages the James Bond way: “This message will self-destruct.”

Back to the future: Send scheduled messages

Communicate with your ginlo Business contacts

Communicate anonymously using your ginlo ID

Confirm a contact’s identity by scanning their QR code

Communicate anonymously using your ginlo ID

Display your online status (optional)

And much more...

Facts & figures worth knowing

We love digital, and we bet you do too.  Sure, we use them all the time, our little digital helpers – apps and services that come free of charge. But are they really free? No. In fact, their providers finance themselves through the 21st century‘s currency – personal user data.
On the expense of your privacy, these services track, save, process, and sell all of your clicks, likes, searches, purchases, and other activities. Worst case, you’ll fall victim to cyber criminals, just like every second user in Germany.

Read here the latest results from worldwide studies about digitalisation, data security, and data misuse.

Over 80% of Americans say they worry about their online security

More than 80% of Americans are more concerned about their online privacy and security than a year ago. Furthermore, an overwhelmin majority of 95% are worried about businesses collecting and selling their personal information without their consent.

Anchorfree 2017, presented by eSecurityPlanet

77% of Germans don’t trust U.S. providers on the Internet

More and more Germans are sceptical about using e-mail services or social networks based in the U.S. 77% of the Germans – and that’s more than in the year of Snowden‘s revelations – consider the handling of private data on Facebook, Twitter and the like to be problematic.

YouGov 2017, presented by DONAUKURIER (in German)

Every second German Internet user has fallen victim to cyber criminals

A representative survey conducted by Bitkom showed that almost half of all German Internet users have personally suffered from cyber crime in the last 12 months. Most of these cases were malware attacks, but also identity theft as well as online banking and online shopping frauds were reported.

Bitcom 2017, presented by statista (in German)

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