What's New in ginlo Business and ginlo @work

25 June 2019 - SIMSme Business is now ginlo Business

And not only the name is new: The app, the Web Messenger as well as the Management Cockpit have been given a new look in the ginlo colors. In addition, the app comes with some nice usability improvements.
Everything else stays as it is: features, the technical platform, certificates, existing messages & contacts, and of course encryption, privacy & security. Have fun trying it out!

30 April 2019 - ginlo @work Messenger App for Windows Version 1.6.0

The Windows app comes with some more additional features and is now fully equivalent to the mobile app:

  • Upload your personal profile picture and show yourself from your best side in Windows as well.
  • Mute individual conversations if you don’t want to receive notifications for them.

26 March 2019 - ginlo @work Messenger App for Windows Version 1.5.0

  • Stay on top of your messages even if the main ginlo @work window is closed: Now, the app continues running in the background and keeps you notified. And if you want to work undisturbed, you can of course also close it completely. Just right-click the ginlo @work icon in the notification area in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Conversations are marked as read as soon as you post a new message. Sounds reasonable, right? ;-)

07 March 2019 - ginlo @work Messenger App for Windows Version 1.4.1

  • Stability improvements and minor bugfixes

27 Feb 2019 - ginlo @work Messenger App for Windows Version 1.4.0

This version has a lot in store for you:

  •  Add profile photos to groups for a more personal touch.
  •  Add an attachment via drag & drop, or by pasting it from the clipboard.
  • Start writing a message and continue later: What you’ve written is now saved as a draft.
  • Find unread messages easier thanks to visual indicators in your conversations.
  •  … and a lot of other improvements and fixes.

Also new: In groups created as of now, the entire message history is visible to all participants – no matter when they’re added. Very useful, e.g. when new team members join an existing project.

07 Feb 2019 - ginlo @work Messenger App for Windows Version 1.3.0

This version of the messenger app for Windows makes quite a few things more convenient.

  • Updating to a new version: This one time you have to log in again after the update, then no more.
  • Starting the Windows messenger app: From now on, ginlo @work starts automatically when you boot your computer. (If you want, you can switch this off in “Settings > Startup”.)
  • Chatting in general: Because we ironed out a few bugs as well.

19 Dec 2018 - ginlo @work Messenger App for Windows Version 1.2.0

The messenger app for Windows can now be set up completely independently of the mobile app:

  • New users can activate their accounts directly in the Windows app.
  • Replacing devices isn’t a problem either: A user can create a backup of their personal key on their old PC and then use this backup to restore all their messages on the new PC.
  • And those who don’t have their own backups can ask their ginlo @work administrator for help: If needed, the admin can transfer the key directly to the new PC.