Here, you can download all ginlo @work applications, manuals as well as our technical whitepapers.


ginlo Team Manager

The desktop-based admin tool for setting up and managing a ginlo @work team.

ginlo @work – mobile messenger app

The mobile messenger app for iPhones and Android smartphones.
The starting point for new ginlo @work users: Just scan the QR code from your invitation e-mail and get started.

ginlo @work – desktop messenger app

The messenger app for Windows PC and Mac.
Once you've registered in the mobile messenger app, just log in and start chatting.


Admin Guide

The complete guide to setting up and managing a ginlo @work team in ginlo Team Manager.
Download PDF 403.2 KB

Getting Started Guide for Team Members

First steps for (typically internal) users with full access to the contacts within a ginlo @work team.
Download PDF 1.2 MB

Getting Started Guide for Guests

First steps for (typically external) users with limited access to the contacts within a ginlo @work team.
Download PDF 1.2 MB


Privacy Whitepaper

Learn which data we store about our customers and why.
Download PDF 236.8 KB

Security Whitepaper

All the technical details of our encryption concept and other security controls in ginlo @work.
Download PDF 1.0 MB

Brabbler Security Concept

Here's an overview of the security efforts we, as a company, take on the technical and organizational levels.
Download PDF 159.4 KB