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Security is at the very top of our priority list. Everything that is shared via ginlo @work remains with you alone. To ensure this, we use cutting-edge encryption methods. 

We also designed ginlo @work with a focus on compliance. Sit back knowing that you’re legally on the safe side when it comes to internal communication – even when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect.

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Made and hostet in Germany
Security IT made in Germany

ginlo at work security more than end to end

Encryption  – more than end-to-end

ginlo@ work encrypts your data not only end-to-end during transport, but also on the device itself and on the ginlo servers. All data in the app is stored in an encrypted database. In addition, users can set a passcode to protect access to the app.

  • HTTPS transport encryption with TLS support and Strict Transport Security.
  • Asymmetric encryption of messages and attachments based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
  • Encryption of data at rest on the device using AES-256.
  • Encryption of data at rest on the ginlo servers using AES-256.
  • Optional app lock based on a user-defined passcode.

Learn more about the encryption of data shared via ginlo @work in our Security Whitepaper

Key sovereignty = data sovereignty = confidentiality

ginlo @work uses a unique hierarchical encryption method that creates a cryptographic security space for you. And you alone hold the master key. As the provider, we don’t know any of the keys you use.

  • Full key sovereignty thanks to hierarchical encryption.
  • Cryptographically segmented communication platform (cryptographic security space).
  • Administrator access to ginlo @work messages for compliance purposes.
  • Transparency for the user thanks to auto-notifications sent when their data is accessed.

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ginlo at work data sovereignty
GDPR and compliance ready

GDPR compliant alternative to WhatsApp and others

Since 2018, companies face severe penalties under the GDPR if they don’t adequately protect the personal data of customers, business partners, and employees. Often, it’s also important to be able to retrace processes and communication. From the outset, ginlo @work has been designed to ensure that you as a customer are legally on the safe side.   

  • Hosted & made in Germany.
  • No personal data stored outside the EU.
  • No data transfers outside the EU, respectively Germany.
  • No interception of usable data possible through full encryption.
  • Closed user group – only authorized employees can communicate with each other.
  • Access to clear-text content is only possible for you, not for us (provider shielding).
  • ISO-certified data centers.
  • Hierarchical encryption allows compliance exports from the message archive.

Usability for highest acceptance and against shadow IT 

Apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are insecure and inadequate in terms of data protection – still, they are often diverted for business purposes. The reason is simple: Secure solutions often lack the usability that many people are used to from private communication. ginlo @work, however, is a business app your users will love – even without prior knowledge.

  • Intuitive and familiar user interface according to the individual operating system standards.
  • All messaging features users know from their private life.
  • Many ways of getting the message across: via emojis, images, videos, text, and voice.
  • Secure and yet fast thanks to high-performance cryptography.
  • Appealing, modern, and clean design.

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Usability and safety ginlo at work

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