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The messaging for corporate use

Secure communication with colleagues and external partners

Communicate with partners, customers, and external service providers, in teams and on projects. Exchange information and make decisions – quickly and efficiently. ginlo Business as your central communication platform offers all the features you need:

  • One-to-one and group chats
  • Channels for company-wide communication
  • Easily share documents, images, videos, voice messages, and locations
  • Comment on messages, mark them as important, and send scheduled messages
  • Security features such as QR codes to confirm the identity of contacts

Administration made easy with ginlo Management Cockpit

With ginlo Management Cockpit, our admin tool, you can roll out the ginlo Business app in your company – quickly, easily, and without any IT know-how. Adapting the app to corporate design and compliance requirements also just takes a few clicks.

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New edition of the ginlo Business survey:

One year with the GDPR: What has changed in digital communication?

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Why ginlo Business?

Because compromising on data protection should be a thing of the past.

Communication via e-mail is about as secure as sending information by postcard. Anyone can read it at any time.

With ginlo Business as your central communication platform, you can protect your entire communication from unauthorized access – both during transmission and on the user’s device. And also we as the provider have no possibility to access your messages.

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Why a business messenger?

Because process optimization starts with communication.

With a business messenger, you take your teamwork to the next level and bring efficiency to your communication. Be it department internal, company wide, or with external partners: Minimize time and effort on projects, prevent important information from falling by the wayside, and keep everyone up to date.

Because traditional information channels reach their limits.

Particularly in the industrial sector, not every employee has their own workplace or e-mail address. This is why information is often still distributed in the traditional way, e.g. via postal mail or bulletin board. However, when things have to go fast, these channels reach their limits. With a business messenger, you avoid information gaps: Within minutes, all affected employees are updated via messages sent right to their phones.

Because church communication, too, needs to keep up with the times.

Digitalization is progressing steadily – and churches and charitable institutions are no longer the exception. Especially when it comes to communication, it is worth staying on track and relying on a messaging solution. With the secure messenger ginlo Business, you get a confidential and GDPR-compliant connection to your community. Digital communication with colleagues, community members, and volunteers has never been easier.

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