Business messaging and collaboration for team players

Secure. Intuitive. Data-protection compliant.

Streamline your business communication with a secure business messenger

Exchange information in your team – easily and efficiently

Quick information exchange and decision making is crucial for successful projects. Teams, however, often reach their limits: Team members work in different locations, which makes it more difficult to collaborate and keep everyone up to date. ginlo Business simplifies communication, speeds up information exchange, and thus helps reduce costs. And your teams become the better players.

Communicate with customers – target-oriented and data-protection compliant

Digital collaboration has become common practice. However, communicating digitally with customers is a still a major challenge for many companies. Sending out new offers, announcing events, or sharing product news with customers: With ginlo Business, the GDPR-compliant messenger, all this becomes as easy as it gets. And it’s free of charge for your customers.

Digitalize church communication – absolutely confidential

Digitalization is progressing steadily – and churches and charitable institutions are no longer the exception. Especially when it comes to communication, it is worth staying on track and relying on a messaging solution. With the secure messenger ginlo Business, you get a confidential and GDPR-compliant connection to your community. Digital communication with colleagues, community members, and volunteers has never been easier.

Take your digital communication to a new level

Easy collaboration

ginlo Business is where your business communication takes place. In one-to-one and group chats or via channels, you share information quickly and efficiently with colleagues, service providers, or customers. All chats are always available in real time on up to 10 devices – mobile and desktop.

Central administration

With ginlo Management Cockpit, you can set up ginlo Business with a minimum of resources and time. The rollout within your company is fully automated and takes just a few minutes. Introducing a new tool has never been easier. Manage users and licenses and define your security settings – completely individually.

GDPR-compliant communication

Security is at the very top of our priority list. Everything that is shared via ginlo Business remains with you alone. To ensure this, we use cutting-edge encryption methods. Made and hosted in Germany, ginlo Business provides the highest level of data protection and security.

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